Server Decommissioned

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Server Decommissioned

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So now that we have a forum again... I guess this is to make it official that the server has been decommissioned. It happened rather abruptly about 2 years ago now when the web server got hacked, and not knowing the nature of the attack or how deep they were into attacking my infrastructure I shut down the UO server too and pretty much all websites. So I apologize for making it so quick and without warning, and taking this long to bring the site back up to some extent.

Took a while to get back to a point where I could get the forum going as other priorities took place, but we're back... well the forum is.

I do not have plans to bring the server back, while sometimes I do get the itch to do it, I think the ship has sailed now. Even when it was up it was more or less dead.

This forum will remain around indefinitely so feel free to stick around and still post and stuff.
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